Modern Goddess, December 2015



Golaleh Yazdani (b. 1993, Iran), is a mixed media artist using video, sculpture, installation and stop motion animation as part of her studio practice. Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, she received her BFA from University of Art in Tehran, and she got her Master of Fine Arts at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, U.S.A. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Tehran, Iran and United States of America. 

Mixed media is Golaleh’s language. She is inspired by the theater and incorporates video, sculpture and performance in her work.

Growing up in a conservative society with a dictatorial climate was a major influence on Golaleh’s studio practice. In her work; Golaleh talks about the suppression forced upon her family as a consequence of politics and cultural conditions. She describes how this suppression is passed down from one generation to the other and it has became a social identity : “ I believe members of a suppressed society are victims of repressions forced upon them by the community and without noticing it, they become suppressors to the next generations.”